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This mouth-watering bang bang tofu is made with crispy tofu cubes drenched in sweet and spicy sauce! Serve these little bites on their own, over rice, or stuffed into tacos for a scrumptious vegan dinner.

White wooden surface set with plate of Bang Bang Tofu, bottle of sriracha, and bunch of chives.

Some of the recipes I post on this site are what I consider to be healthy, but not all of them are. They’re all vegan, but that doesn’t always mean healthy, and sometimes we end up with something that’s indulgent. I’m okay with that!

This bang bang tofu recipe is a great example of one of my indulgent dishes. I felt like I had to put my little disclaimer up there because somebody is bound to show up here and be surprised.

Could I make this dish in the oven in order to reduce the oil content? Probably. But either way it’s getting drenched in mayonnaise. May as well go all out!

And rest assured: it’s so worth it.

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Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Vegan mayonnaise. Look for this near the regular mayonnaise or in the natural foods section of your supermarket. I used Hellman’s vegan.
  • Sambal oelek. Look for this spicy chili paste in the international foods section of your supermarket.
  • Maple syrup. Another liquid sweetener such as agave can be substituted if you’d like.
  • Rice vinegar.
  • Sriracha sauce.
  • Cornstarch.
  • Peanut oil. Any high-heat oil suitable for frying can be substituted here. Canola oil, corn oil, and avocado oil will all work!
  • Tofu. Use extra-firm or super-firm tofu for this recipe. Extra-firm tofu will need to be pressed first, but super-firm will not.
  • Salt.
  • Fresh chives or green onions.

Note: ⅓ cup of sweet chili sauce can be used to replace the sambal oelek, maple syrup and rice vinegar, if you can find it. I used to buy it at Trader Joe’s, but it appears to have been discontinued.

How It’s Made

The following is a detailed photo tutorial on how to make this dish. Scroll all the way down if you’d like to skip right to the recipe!

  • To make your bang bang sauce, stir together the mayonnaise, sambal oelek, maple syrup, rice vinegar, and sriracha sauce.
Bowl of Bang Bang sauce with a spoon in it.
  • Heat your oil in a medium nonstick skillet. Make sure it’s at least ⅛ inch deep.
  • Roll diced tofu cubes in cornstarch to coat them, then add them to the oil. Make sure you don’t crowd the skillet — they will stick together if they touch.
  • Fry the tofu cubes in batches, cooking them for a few minutes on each side.
  • Remove the cooked tofu cubes from the skillet and place them on a paper towel-lined plate to drain and sprinkle them with a bit of salt.
Tofu pieces frying in a skillet.
  • Once all of the tofu cubes are cooked, place them into a bowl and add the sauce.
  • Toss everything together to coat the tofu with the sauce.
Hand stirring bang bang sauce into a bowl of tofu.
  • Serve your bang bang tofu with a sprinkle of fresh chives or scallions, and some extra sriracha for dipping.
Plate of Bang Bang Tofu with skewers in some of the pieces.

Leftovers & Storage

Bang bang tofu is best served right away, as the crispy coating won’t hold up very long in sauce. If you do have leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. They won’t stay crispy, but they will still taste good!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this dish gluten-free?

It is!

How is bang bang tofu served?

You can serve it on it’s own as an appetizer, over rice, rice noodles, in tacos (my favorite), in a sandwich, on a salad, or over lettuce leaves like BoneFish grill does with it’s bang bang shrimp.

Can this recipe be made in the oven? How about the air fryer?

Probably, but I haven’t tried either version. I would recommend using at least a little bit or oil regardless of your cooking method, because otherwise the cornstarch will stay dry and powdery.

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Plate of Bang Bang Tofu with dish of sriracha sauce on the side.

Bang Bang Tofu

This mouth-watering bang bang tofu is made with crispy tofu cubes drenched in sweet and spicy sauce! Serve these little bites on their own, over rice, or stuffed into tacos for a scrumptious vegan dinner.


  • ½
    vegan mayo
  • 2
    sambal oelek
  • 2
    maple syrup
  • 1
    rice vinegar
  • 1
    sriracha sauce,
    plus more for serving
  • ½
  • ¼
    peanut oil,
    plus more as needed
  • 1
    (15 ounce) package
    super-firm or extra-firm tofu,
    cut into 1-inch cubes (press if using extra-firm)
  • ¼
    or to taste
  • Chopped fresh chives or green onions,


  1. In a small bowl, stir together the mayo, sambal oelek, maple syrup, rice vinegar, and sriracha.

  2. Place the cornstarch in a separate bowl.

  3. Very generously coat the bottom of a large skillet with oil (at least ⅛ inch deep) and place it over medium heat.

  4. Once the oil begins to shimmer, place a few tofu cubes into the cornstarch and roll them around until they’re coated. Place the tofu cubes into the hot oil. Continue adding as much tofu to the skillet as you can fit without crowding.

  5. Cook the tofu for about 10 minutes, flipping the pieces two or three times, until browned and crispy on multiple sides. Transfer the cooked tofu to a paper towel-lined plate and sprinkle with salt. Repeat until all of the tofu is cooked, adding more oil to the skillet as needed between batches.

  6. Place the cooked tofu into a bowl and add the mayonnaise mixture. Toss everything to coat the tofu in sauce.

  7. Sprinkle the tofu with chives or green onions and serve immediately with sriracha on the side.

Recipe Notes

If you can find vegan-friendly sweet chili sauce, feel free to use ⅓ cup of it in place of the sambal oelek, maple syrup, rice vinegar, and sriracha.

Nutrition Facts

Bang Bang Tofu

Amount Per Serving

Calories 460
Calories from Fat 340

% Daily Value*

Fat 37.8g58%

Sodium 371mg15%

Potassium 176mg5%

Carbohydrates 23.2g8%

Fiber 1.1g4%

Sugar 6.7g7%

Protein 8.2g16%

Calcium 160mg16%

Iron 1.8mg10%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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